0 WASTE superstar LIU

"Wasted material is a loss of profits and bad for the environment."
MARK LIU, a graduate of the Textile Futures course at Central St Martin, is a zero waste champion. His innovative approach to pattern cutting is revolutionary in that eliminates any possibility of offcuts.His mission was inspired by that shock of seeing 15% of all fabrics going to waste in the pattern cutting industry and by the challenge of pushing tailoring to its limits. 

By designing and cutting his patterns, like jigsaws from a single piece of fabric, without creating any waste, Liu produces new forms and details in his clothing that are totally distinctive, totally innovative. Not only is he challenging himself in terms of design, but Liu is motivated by a reason deeper than just style. 

Liu always down to innovate - with an amazing new dye technology called Permaset Aqua, a new water based pigment manufactured by Australian company ColormakerIndustries. The pigment's microscopic particles bond with the fabric obviating the need for toxic mordent chemicals. Love this! see images below. 
Mark Liu AW09 photo

His winter collection 2010 was called 'Singularity Point', Liu stating "a system becomes aware of its own limitations and eventually rewrites its own rules to take control of its own destiny." Another past collection appropriately enough was entitled "On the Cutting Edge".

I Am impressed by the way Liu's work rewrites the rules, combining technology + creativity to showoff the future of fashion. Perhaps soon he too will embrace more eco-friendly textiles, such as organic cottons et al, to complete the picture....