block designs from Studio CHAUBUNDI,
fabrics in process AtelierOM 

Block carving is a specialized skill. The design is carved out onto the surface of a block of wood, usually teak or sheesham. Blocks range from fine edged ones used for print to thicker ones for ‘dabu’ resist work. If a particular artwork is made up of multiple parts, the craftsman has to carve all as separate blocks which when printed will 'match-up'to make the whole image with all the details and colors in line. There are seemingly abstract designs, like the 'Chaubundi'(described by printers as ‘four dots’) and the 'kattar'(dagger). Designs over the ages evolved depending upon the market for them. Some catered to local communities, particular blocks and colors being worn by particular villages, some times even only on particular occasions. Traditional block designs are varied. Most are directly inspired by natural flower/plant /creeper(bael)designs.