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Handloom for recycle bag cloth

produced recycle bag cloth
produced recycle bag cloth

nylon warp with weft of recycle bags on handloom

recycle bags as thread, cut into strips
waste wrappers used as materials
spools of waste bags for recycle cloth handloom weaving

KHAMIR, which means “intrinsic pride” in the local language of Kachchh,is an NGO supported by the government of Gujarat, India. Through education, training and interpretation in the diverse areas of craft, environment and heritage conservation, products and materials are continually developed by the Artisan designers to forge a marketable existence as well as creative partnerships both within the local Artisan and global design community.

Atelier OM will partner with KHAMIR on three developmental initiatives in the start up of it’s Collection:

·      *Recycled handloom cloth made from plastic wrappers and assorted bags(see pictures above) to be used for refabrication in a variety of vibrant functional accessories.(beach bag designs soon to follow..........)
·      *Kala cotton is local, organic, indigenous short/medium staple cotton with it's roots extending back to Indus Valley(Mohenjo Daro) cultivation and is  currently and successfully in development for handspun + handloom production of woven goods.(more on that in it's own post)
·      *Development of a fine soft wool from a limited and special breed of Camel’s hair handspun and loomed from the annual shearing of the herder’s flocks.(stay tuned for a post on this later in the year)

All practices above support Ethical Fashion whereby the consideration of the Gandhian principals of non violence and cottage industry are followed.