Plastic is beautiful...


all the plastic bags in every landfill and all the roadside waste everywhere could be reproduced into such beauty in material by simple means. 

Rothko? Francis? Frankenthaler?

These swatches are samples of colorations(but imagine the possibilities are endless) achieved by Conserve India's patent HRP upcycle process which uses a few trained intuit beings to collage layers of the recycled waste plastic bags - creatively cut up in select shapes and sorted by colors with Bollywood stars as names. This multi dimensional modern textile is lightweight, durable and ecological. The revolutionary process of fabrication requires no water, dyes or solvents(other than what is needed to ecologically cleanse the bags.) This truly eco material is akin to a thin to medium weight pleather and is ideal for accessories & interior applications. AtelierOM has initiated a design collaboration with Conserve India and our products will be available by summer 2011, stay tuned. :)

Please read more about CONSERVE INDIA and the GREAT work they are doing to help the ragpickers from the slums on the perimeters of Delhi, India.  This NGO aims to transform their workers lives from waste to wealth(of spirit) through education, employment, empowerment, health care and social programs. You can make donations directly to this organization or support them by buying readymade in house products online. Other products are made from materials such as recycled tires,seatbelts fabric waste.

To the Future!