KHADI - the Revolution will not be televised

 Spinning thread on a CHARKHA to create hanks of hand spun thread to then be woven into gorgeous khadi fabric on hand looms, this is the way Gandhi-ji intended it - one wheel, silently and gently producing a cloth with life.
 Below this is a newer version(many people are renovating this model and other processes of cotton from field to fabric) whereby the women can spin 5-7 times as much in one day thereby increasing their wages for the same amount of hours.This still can be done in the home but most often it is employed in local cooperatives. I think Gandhi would be satisfied with the pay increase but it is sounding and feeling more like a machine even though it is hand spun. This model of ring spun model developed by Shri Tripurari Saran(see our pic together below).

 a local cooperative as a part of Gram Nirman Mandal in Nawada District Bihar
weaving of Ahimsa(Peace) silk from Assam in Bihar
My fortunate visit with Shri Tripurari Saran,85, who renamed me Anjlee(which means offering in Hindi) and inducted me into the Indian Freedom Movement as an ambassador of consciousness.His title is Minister of Khadi Bihar and his affiliation is with the organization Gram Nirman Mandal set up throughout the SW regions of Bihar in 5 districts employing weavers & spinners, educating children laborers and children of laborers, maintaining leper hospitals even though the gov't declared it has been eradicated, NOT! and other social services for those working with in the cooperatives. They also provide science services for farmers on natural composting and bio fertilizers using NEEM and dung.
 Child laborers during exams in a classroom in the outer halls of the Sarvodaya Ashram. There are 50 students attending at each of the 5 centers. A few of these children are orphans and a few are dalits. Donations are accepted, a project is underway to provide each of these schools with a library through Some of these students are excelling but their future is very uncertain as they live in one of many remote regions of India within a very poor state with a very corrupt history, thankfully now past tense.I have agreed to come back in 2012 and spend a week teaching english and art/design to these kids who sang songs to us on our visit even though they were amidst exams.